We are not ALONE but we are ALL ONE,

says Deniz Erten who is the author of the book series SIGNS. These 6 series of books are soon to be published in the English language and awaken the hearts and minds of those who want to make sense of their existence and the universe.

Deniz Erten’s vast knowledge of submission, neuroscience, sound, time, quantum physics, epigenetics reflect on her books wonderfully and Sufism lies at the core of her writing. Heavily influenced by Ibn Arabi, Deniz underlines that one can never reach ‘’free will’’ unless s/he crosses the boundaries of mind and body. As she further adds to that, ‘’signs’’ accompany the person who embarks on such a journey to awaken.

Besides being an international lawyer who spent years in the USA and a composer of countless hit songs in Turkey, Deniz prefers being described as a Sufi who is dedicated to serving humanity. Not to mention that she is a former basketball and tennis player.

Erten’s YouTube videos and live broadcasts attract a significant number of viewers. Currently, Deniz is working on a several number of projects for the benefit of humanity and involving in mind-blowing conversations on Clubhouse with prominent scientists from all around the world.

Stop searching outside to find the treasure you were given… The treasure is buried in you. Dig the soil towards to your heart… When you get there, you’ll feel like you’re in the sky… You will rise as you fall into your heart…